Thursday, August 28, 2014

WebGL Insights: Call for Authors

It is with great enthusiasm that we invite you to contribute to WebGL Insights, a book to be written by the WebGL community that will contain original articles on intermediate and advanced WebGL techniques. WebGL Insights will be published by CRC Press for SIGGRAPH 2015.

We invite proposals from hardware vendors, browser developers, WebGL-engine developers, application developers, researchers, educators, and others with WebGL experiences they want to share. Proposals that address any aspect of WebGL development are welcome, including:

  • WebGL performance best practices, such as managing framebuffers, uniforms, textures, vertex buffers, and vertex formats
  • WebGL extensions, such as multiple render targets, instancing, etc.
  • Debugging, profiling, and testing tools and techniques
  • App Development
    • 3D engine design, e.g., design of Three.js, Babylon.js, PlayCanvas, etc.
    • WebGL app case studies across all domains, including games, geospatial, medical, data visualization, and advertising
    • Migrating from Flash to WebGL
    • Migrating from OpenGL / OpenGL ES to WebGL
    • Emscripten and asm.js
    • WebGL for VR
  • WebGL on mobile
    • Platform-specific performance best practices
    • Cross-platform mobile and desktop development
    • Techniques for low-power usage
  • WebGL implementations
    • Browser implementation details
    • ANGLE implementation details
    • Graphics driver implementation details
    • GLSL compilers and optimization details
    • Desktop and mobile GPU architecture
    • GPU-specific performance advice: NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, Imagination Technologies, ARM, Qualcomm, etc.
  • Assets
    • WebGL-optimized assets, such as mesh compression, texture compression, streaming massive models, etc.
    • Content pipelines and tools for WebGL engines
  • Web Development
    • High-performance JavaScript techniques
    • JavaScript best practices for large projects
    • Web workers and other APIs commonly used in WebGL projects
  • Rendering algorithms using WebGL
  • Graphics research using WebGL
  • Teaching with WebGL
  • WebCL
  • WebGL history and evolution
  • Business models built on WebGL

Please don't feel limited to these topics; we welcome proposals on all aspects of WebGL development.


  • October 19, 2014: Authors selected. Start of 6-week writing period
  • November 30, 2014: Articles due. Start of 6-week review period
  • January 11, 2015: Revised articles due
  • August, 2015: Book released at SIGGRAPH

Please send proposals to by October 19. We will accept proposals before October 19 on a rolling basis. Use this example proposal as a template.

Proposals should include the article title, your name and affiliation, a one-page abstract, screenshots, and references. Strong proposals will demonstrate real-world WebGL experience and writing ability. Proposals can have multiple authors, and a single author can submit multiple proposals. Most articles should be 10-15 pages.

Please feel free to contact us for additional discussion. We're looking forward to putting together a valuable book for the WebGL community.

Final thought: When Christophe Riccio and I started OpenGL Insights three and a half years ago, the WebGL community was just forming. I am happy to be part of a community that has such momentum and is accomplishing so much. WebGL Insights will be a celebration of our accomplishments and a snapshot of the state-of-the-art in WebGL. I look forward to WebGL Insights becoming a book series that captures the highlights of the WebGL community as we grow. I hope you will consider contributing.

Patrick Cozzi, Editor for WebGL Insights